Engineering services


Expert team of engineers

Throughout the years we have assembled a highly-skilled team including mechanical and electrical engineers, PLC and robotic programmers, mechanical and electrical servicemen and certified project leaders. Our mechanical engineers use the Solid Edge planning software and controlling that, the Team Center program. Our electrical engineers use E-Plan for their workflows. With the help of these software, our team can create detailed plans from the big picture to the last screw.

Planning software: Solid Edge and Edge Cam

Our engineers plan the layout of the machine or production cell, they make detailed plans for the parts and then interconnect them to assembly units. In addition to the classic engineering calculations, if needed our engineers can create movement, dynamic and finite body simulations. With the usage of moderns planners including truss templates and specialized cabling modules all pneumatic, hydraulic and structural planning can be done quickly and easily.

After the finalization of plans, the supply, production and assembly all heavily rely on the 3D models. Using Edge Cam our technological personnel can directly use the CAD model to create the welding progresses needed.

All 3D plans are available for our partners as early as the proposition phase, so we can provide all the necessary information, which can make the decision easier.

Teamcenter - Product Life Cycle Management

The key to our competitiveness is that we can react to any inquiries very quickly and effectively. Teamcenter is one of our biggest enablers in doing this as it is a Product Life Cycle Management system closely connected to Solid Edge.

With the help of this system the life cycle of the projects that we do is like an open book for us, as we can oversee it from the proposition the the finalization. All information that is generated during concept planning, production development, assembly, installation and programming is saved and store in a unified database. This makes follow-up easy as any changes that are made are introduced to the system right away. Our engineers work from a unified system, so they can take over each others work if needed, so we can always do the handover in time.

There are predetermined workflows in the system, which give the whole a very firm structure. All the data is stored in a special data format, ensuring its safety on a high-level. The CAD data is accessible from anywhere without using the planning software, so all members of the supply chain, the assembly and the installation crew can always be up-to-date with them. Using this system makes the product development phase significantly shorter, giving us and our partners a huge competitive advantage. What is more, it is interconnected with our production system making all data always accurate.

NormaX - Real-time production control system

In order to effectively adhere to the demand for high-quality and fixed deadlines from our partners, we have decided to introduce the NormaX production control system.

With this software we are supervising the production processes real-time. It gives us a chance to control all aspects of the production, and signals if there are any discrepancies from the original plan. During these the system continuously reports on the performance, so we can optimize our processes accordingly.

The software can create a daily, shift-based production plan, which details which phase should be done in what exact time-frame and in what order. It also includes all the resources that are needed for each phase.

What is an added bonus, is that thanks to the built-in reporting function on the resources such as the time spent with work, the number of employees, the completion time and so on, the software provides an insight not only to the working hours of a project, but also gives a perfect base for a performance based evaluation.

As an online system it is not bound to a location, it can be accessed from anywhere, which makes it very practical and easy to use.

MotoSim - Simulation program

The 3D simulation and offline programming of robotcells are both extremely helpful tools, when it comes to propositions, design and installation. For these purposes our programmers use the Yaskawa MotoSim program.

With the help of this program, we can create 3D simulations on the movement of the robot and with the evaluation of these we can create a cycle time estimation and a workspace analysis. As we create various alternatives, we can optimize the robot's location compared to other units. In addition to these, the full robotprogram can be created before the installation of the cell itself.

Using MotoSim has numerous advantages. With it's help, we can offer a more detailed proposition, which reduces the offline and online programming time, so installation becomes much easier. Using this program enables us to write and test the new product's programming even before the actual production. What is more, we can modify the existing program in order to make it more efficient without the need to halt the production.

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How do we work?


Exploration of requirements, concept

We explore the partner's requirements iteratively and propose an optimal solution.


Starting the project

Once the concept is approved by the partner we will assign our specialist to all the subtasks of the given project.



After assigning the tasks we will create the 3D model of the machinery with our modern planning software. This model includes everything from the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic wiring diagrams to the smallest particle. If needed, we can present this model to our partner and once it's approved we prepare the list of supplies needed and the production, assembly
and set-up plans.


and production

According to the plans made, we will start gathering supplies through our classified suppliers and our internal production capacity.


and testing

After receiving all the supplies from external providers and internal production the mechanical engineering and electric assembly will begin. This process will be finished by programming and a final testing before setting it up at the partner's onsite facility.



Our engineers plan the set-up and onsite assembly process step-by-step, so it could be done quickly and effectively, therefore causing the smallest recess possible in our partner's production.



After the onsite set-up we continuously follow-up on our product. Our skilled service team will assist any possible problems
within 48 hours.

Optimize your processes with us!

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